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Alchemy & Astrology: Aquarius Season, Rebel with a Cause

Alchemy & Astrology: Aquarius Season, Rebel with a Cause -

Astrology has played an important role in the life of all nations. As we witness a dark spark in the world, most notably with the recent Muslim ban, we have a lot of fiery energy to weather this month. First, we start with Mars returning to its home sign, Aries (exactly on January 27th) igniting people’s warrior spirit. Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and is often referred to as, god of war. This doesn’t mean we are literally at war. Often times, this transit represents a call to action. This is a powerful energetic shift that tends to manifest unpredictably. Hello, the last week and a half since the inauguration! I caution you all to stay grounded during this planetary alteration as aggression is on the rise. Staying centered in prayer, meditation and a daily mindfulness practice will ease the universal invasion. Specifically, I advise to read the story of Prophet Noah and recite his supplication for solace during the first decan of Aquarius.

When will this political upheaval end? Sigh. Unfortunately we are in the middle of a year long T-off between Jupiter and Uranus. Let me put this into historical context. The following events occurred during a Jupiter and Uranus opposition: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, American Revolution, end of American Civil war, Woodstock, fall of the Berlin Wall, Velvet Revolution, just to name a few. Both planets represent varying levels of expansion, liberation and advancement.

…Stay grounded during this planetary alteration as aggression is on the rise.

Consequently since we are in the first decan of Aquarius, allow the energy of the water bearer (sign of Aquarius) to cool off the Mars in Aries fire. Aquarius season brings an air of revolutionary spirit and a need to resist and rebel for the greater good for all. Aquarius is sweeping through a radical change. We are being forced to look deeper within to find ways to accept the changes that are occurring.

Because we are human trying to get through this thing called life, it’s only natural the cosmos gives us a swift kick in the pants during this already volatile Aquarius period. Eclipse season is brewing. Usually eclipses’ happen between four to six times a year and subjects us to change.

On February 10th 2017 turn on your Beatles playlist and let, “All You Need is Love” flood your airwaves because the lunar eclipse in [dramatic] Leo has you jonesin’ for love! It’s not just your inner goddess that needs TLC but all of mankind does, as well. Have any unresolved relationships that need mending? Since lunar eclipse marks a completion, use this passage to open your heart and throat chakras and speak your truth. I suggest working with green calcite (heart center) and blue lace agate (throat chakra) to aid in these openings.

With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo, these strong polarizing energies will ignite power struggles. As if we didn’t need any more reason to sprout more narcissism, this combination will rattle us to our core. Considering that humanity is going through a rough breakup from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age for the last 50 years. On a positive note, the United States moon in Aquarius gives us a humanitarian, scientific, community oriented and progressive edge. Now we just have to remind ourselves of this over the next administration’s cycle.

Enough political talk. If you have been feeling stuck, uncertain, distressed and downright depressed at the state of the country or anything else beyond your control, the planetary alignment of February will help you regain control of your life. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto square off in an exclusive sequence thus activating the ideal conditions for a profound and permanent breakthrough in consciousness over the next six months.

These unavoidable signs of a breakthrough will surely intensify the week of February 20th. Several favorable opportunities will emerge the beginning of that week. Pay attention to your intuition and solutions to problems will appear. On February 26th a solar eclipse in [compassionate] Pisces marks an ending of a cycle and a beginning of a new one. Allow old habits and outdated thought patterns to alchemize into progressive thought forms. Pisces rules illusion and hidden agendas, therefore I advise you to add the attribute, “ya batin” (the hidden one) to your dhikr practice.

February is going to be a busy cosmic month so remaining in the flow will ensure your liberation. We could all use a deep sigh of relief and we’ll finally get our chance. Just hold on!

Look at where Aquarius falls in your astrological chart for guidance in where and how to best shine your light in service to yourself and especially to others.

Need to stay grounded during this busy cosmic month? Take three deep breaths; on the inhale say “Allah” and exhale, “hu”. In total, you will breath, “Allahu”. Dhikr tips: Ya-Salaam (peace) for the first half of the month and Ya-Batin (the hidden one) for the second half.

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Alchemy & Astrology: Aquarius Season, Rebel with a Cause -

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