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Alchemy & Astrology: Welcome to a New Chapter

Alchemy & Astrology: Welcome to a New Chapter -

You know how when some people need some sort of big life change they cut their hair or get a tattoo? Well . . .

Alchemy & Astrology: Welcome to a New Chapter -

Instead of chopping off my beautiful locks, I’m on an all new re-invention tour with an all new column. For those who have been following my Spirituality column, you have been alongside me through the earth shattering shifts these past few months. Thankfully, I’ve emerged wiser, braver, and I’m down 12 pounds! I left a spiritual order that was too patriarchal for my Divine feminine self. Consequently, I broke up with a handful of Sufis and decided to embrace my authentic self, unapologetically.

Throughout the new column series, you will still learn about [Islamic] esotericism, metaphysics, and self-improvement topics ranging from gratitude to self-love; additionally, you will be exposed to the world of alchemy and the ancient wonders of astronomy that are woven in our holy scripture.

The difference now, is that I am defiant in my messaging and I’m no longer reserved with my delivery. I am no longer confined into a box mandated by a predisposed ideology, comprised of old thought patterns. I’m Divinely mystical and I have my flower crown to prove it.


When the Aquarian Age ushered in 2012, spiritualist(s) prepared for the shift. Year after year since then, we experienced a consciousness awakening. You might not think so given the latest Presidential results. Trust me, nobody feels the devastation like the light workers. However, with the new Aquarian energy we are naturally elevating into a new vibration and for those of us who have adapted, we need to help those resisting the current.

On November 14th 2016, the moon in Taurus paved the way for us to release and cleanse the desperation we have been carrying, particularly post-election. This moon was classified a super moon because it was the closest to Earth since 1948. Therefore, the energy was potent! Now is the time where situations that were once hidden reveal themselves and come to the surface. We have the ending of the last decan in Scorpio to thank for the revealing. Full moons mark an ending. For our nation, it was the ending of the most polarizing and divisive election in United States history. For some, it was an ending to an emotional attachment or a financial hardship. For me, it was an ending to entrapment in my spirituality.

Before y’all freak out and claim the Zodiac jinn possessed me, keep your hijabs secured on tight, because I’m not going out of [Islamic] bounds with this astrology talk. Look at the first ayah in Chapter 85 of the Quran…

“I swear by the sky where there are buruj…” (85:1).

 Al-Buruj is Arabic for Zodiac sign.

“And he hath constrained the night and the day and the sun and Moon to be services unto you, and the stars are made subservient by His command. Lo! herein indeed are portents for people who sense” (16:12). 

You may be asking yourself, how reliable is astrological prediction? Well, an astrologer did predict the birth of Prophet Moses. Mind blown.

The ability to predict the future is the core premise of considerate study of the science of astrology. However, I’m not advocating that, although, I do believe in the energetic influence each constellation carries. Why? Because everything is energy.

“And landmarks (sign posts during the day) and by the stars (during the night), they (mankind) guide themselves” (16:16).

Back in the day when science, theology, and mysticism were not contradictory but, rather, inclusive and in harmony, astrology was a belief that was expressed as tawhid (unity) of God. Celestial bodies were considered to be a part of the Divine, thus, they relied on the constellations for guidance throughout their travels. In addition, it was believed these celestial bodies, as divinities, influenced events on earth and was ruled by a god. In Islam, we believe each Prophet has a corresponding zodiacal constellation. More on that in the astrology series, later.

Welcome to Alchemy & Astrology. ✨

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Alchemy & Astrology: Welcome to a New Chapter -

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