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Al-Nakba is Not a Day in History

Al-Nakba is Not a Day in History -

One by one they were picked apart

Village after village

Family after family

A day marked with pain and sorrow


From the blood filled streets

To the burning homes

“Catastrophe” they called it

Or as we say in my mother tongue: Al-Nakba


Hilltops embraced the pain 

Olive trees struggled to carry the weight

A trail of memories and tears

A trail of people and heartache


Foreigners flocked the land and massacred her people

Forcefully evicted

Expropriated and uprooted

Replaced with graves and generations in exile


A day of rage

And a day of grief

But a lifetime of hope

And maybe that’s what keeps the resistance alive


For the very thought that home lives within us

Home is where the heart is

And our hearts lie with her


And when generations are denied their right of return

Our resilience is renewed

Our movement becomes stronger

Embedded within us 


They said the old would die and the young would forget

Sixty-eight years later

And our stories have only grown louder

Wrapped in our deeds and laced with our heritage


Because Al-Nakba is not a day in history

It is today, tomorrow, and everyday that our beloved is occupied

And it will continue until the chains of colonialism are broken

From the river to the sea and not an inch less


We will rebuild her together

And cover her in love and dignity

Not for us, but for our children

Because our freedom is not a shout into the void

It is promised…

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Al-Nakba is Not a Day in History -

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