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ABH Subculture: To Buy or Say Bye-Bye? The most "controversial" palette on the market

ABH Subculture: To Buy or Say Bye-Bye? -

Hey beauties!

Recently, Anastasia Beverly Hills launched their Fall 2017 collection which included the sister palette to Modern RenaissanceSubculture, 4 liquid glow shades, as well as 30 matte lipsticks. Subculture is an edgy palette with 14 softly pressed, highly pigmented shades retailing for $42. The liquid glow tubes are pigmented, creamy and retail for $25/each. The matte lipsticks retail for $18/each on ABH, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Sephora. The entire collection is online at partnered retailers as of August 1st but officially hit stores on Tuesday, August 15th if you want to check it out in person.

ABH Subculture: To Buy or Say Bye-Bye? -#SubcultureGate began the weekend after it launched on Anastasia’s website when everyone started getting their palette’s in the mail and began to swatch and test out the shadows for quality, pigmentation, blendability and let’s not forget – fallout. The makeup world went nuts with the mixed reviews – everyone was comparing batch #’s and all kinds of things to see why someone’s palette had normal fallout while others were extremely powdery. Since the palette is softly pressed to provide higher pigmentation – the fallout will be a bit more than Modern Renaissance, however batch inconsistencies are the reason why not everyone received “normal” palettes. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this palette to someone starting out in makeup – eyeshadow in particular – because it can be a little difficult to work with. I’ve been doing makeup for years and even I had to get used to it. I never do my eyes first – I like doing my brows, face, then eyes, however with this palette you must do your eyes first because yes there is fallout. All in all, if you love the colors/pigmentation but are still unsure if you want to purchase – I would wait it out because Anastasia Beverly Hills is planning on pressing the shadows a bit harder to prevent fallout and quality testing the palettes over again. It is not limited edition so don’t feel rushed/pressured to get it.

ABH Subculture: To Buy or Say Bye-Bye? -Pigmentation is pretty incredible with this palette – Adorn is probably my favorite shade because when applied with the fingers straight to the lid it’s pigmented and the reflects are beautiful. Electric was another shade I was drawn to because it’s unique and when used with Mac Fix+ it was beautiful. I’ve been on the hunt for a yellow so Edge is another very well pigmented shade, as is Axis and Untamed. I found Axis to have a bit more fallout than the others and am guessing it’s because of how pigmented it is – I think it’s the shade with the most pigment if I’m not mistaken. Allstar blends beautifully and New Wave is a nice soft toned orange unlike anything I own.

While the palette remains controversial, I believe as an artist you have to evolve and be open to learning. If you’re open to working with a palette like this then I say definitely purchase it. Subculture will push you out of your comfort zone and make you a better artist. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of using only natural hair brushes and tapping once into shadows then I say you skip on it altogether. Anastasia Beverly Hills recommends eye primers such as Smashbox that work well with the shadows. I personally used Mac Prep & Prime 24 eyeshadow primer and mine looks pretty nice if you ask me.

I did a makeup look using Edge, Roxy, Fudge & Electric and thought they all blended easily together. There have been some shades such as Destiny and Rowdy that others have claimed of becoming muddy when trying to blend with other shades – however I have not tried those colors yet so I can’t say for sure. Again – because of batch inconsistencies it’s hard to tell what your palette with be like unfortunately. Mine had a bit more fallout than my Modern Renaissance palette – but because of the pigmentation and unique colors – I’m okay with working with them because Subculture has inspired me to step out of my warm tone addiction when it comes to eye makeup.

ABH Subculture: To Buy or Say Bye-Bye? -

Peach Fizz (left), Perla (right)

Quick review: I also purchased 1 of their matte lipstick’s in the shade Peachy and it’s surprisingly creamy – yet matte and very pigmented. Once they launch in stores on Tuesday I plan on swatching some more in person and picking up some shades I don’t have yet. I also got 2 of the 4 liquid glows in the shades Peach Fizz and Perla. Peach Fizz has a more golden undertone that would work well with medium to deeper skin tones. Perla is a lighter undertone that will work with all skin tones. The liquid glows are beautifully pigmented and easy to blend into the skin and build the product up as needed.

If you have any questions – leave them below!

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ABH Subculture: To Buy or Say Bye-Bye? -

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