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Syria is Bleeding While We’re All Tweeting MM Poetry Collection

Syria is Bleeding While We're All Tweeting -

We sit so privileged on a red, white and blue throne

Compared to the Syrian girl left all alone

Her father, mother, and brother killed by our drones

Her neighbors ripped to pieces by their leader’s hands

Her country terrorized by an army of evil sycophants

Brainwashed into thinking slaughter will get them into heavenly lands

When in reality they’ll eventually pay for their grave sins

For putting the Muslim world in the mess it’s in

For all the blood they’ve spilled, blood of the innocent

We complain about our crowded commute

About the tourists taking up our usual route

We complain about the mundane, it’s really all so minute

Compared to the plight of others around the world

Who watch their lives crumble and find themselves hurled

Into darkness, despair, death, and destruction

While explosions around them leave them unable to function

As we fit our first world problems in 140 words or less

Rant about our jobs, our boyfriends, our day-to-day stress

Swipe left, swipe right, and match up on Bumble

The Middle East rapidly continues to crumble


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Syria is Bleeding While We're All Tweeting -

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