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70s Meets ’17 Fashion always makes a comeback...

70s Meets '17 -

This past weekend, Chicago’s weather went up to 45 degrees! No more subzero temperatures… I hope! As a native Chicagoan, I took full advantage and decided to wear a lighter coat to go for a walk around the city. Lately, I’ve been keeping my eye on the latest fashion trends and noticed that flared jeans are totally making a comeback. Being that I’m totally obsessed with vintage fashion, I had to get my hands on a pair. The pair I chose have a twist that makes this petite girl extremely happy. They’re chopped at the bottom with frills and little rips in them, making my legs seem longer and giving me a really cool, trendy look! I paired these vintage favorites with a basic black top from H&M and a simple black hijab that I got on the streets of Ramallah when I was visiting a couple of years back. I also love the high-waist design of these jeans. They are so comfortable and I don’t feel like I’m suffocating my stomach.

Let’s talk history and details.

Wide leg pants first made their debut in the early 1800s to 1900s, worn mostly by sailors and military officials. In the 1970s, teenagers started shopping at military stores and thrift shops and took a liking to this style of pants. Soon after, wearing flare jeans was the trendy thing to do. This caught the eye of fashion companies as they decided to start making these pants to sell in stores. The wide leg at the bottom of the pants allowed people to pair them with high-heeled boots. People loved it and enjoyed the slim and tall look that it gives. These pants were ever so popular and eventually became associated with “radicals” as we often see pictures of 70s protesters wearing wide leg pants (bell bottoms), round glasses, and vibrant tops. Not only were these pants a fashion trend, they also became somewhat of a political statement, leading some companies to stop selling them because they didn’t want ties to political agendas that could damage their company’s image.

70s Meets '17 -

Fast forward to 2017 for my interpretation of modern style with a little vintage flair:

70s Meets '17 -The black sock boots I chose hug my ankles and give the overall look a clean feel. I loved these jeans but was stuck on the right shoe to wear them with, especially in the winter. After searching and trying on a few different boots with these jeans, I loved the way the sock boots looked with it. They gave me height and didn’t bulge out or look as bulky as other booties can sometimes look.

To give the look some color, I added a camel-colored, long coat which kept me warm while looking fashionable. The coat dressed up this look and turned a black tee and blue jeans duo into a classy and fun winter look. I added a thick, cream-colored scarf around my neck to dress up the outfit a bit more. I love earth tones, so I stayed within the camel- cream family for my scarf and coat. And although these shoes were adorable, it was my first time wearing them, so they weren’t fully broken in for this walk.

70s Meets '17 -

Final Result…

70s Meets '17 -

Bottom: Distressed Flare Jeans (Forever 21)
Shoes: Faux Suede Booties (Forever 21) *And they’re on sale now, too!
I couldn’t find my exact coat since I got it last year, but here is a comparable option — also on sale:
Coat: Faux Wool Biker Coat (MISSGUIDED)
Shirt: Long-sleeved Jersey Top (H&M)
The cream scarf is something I have had for the longest time, and I cannot even remember where it is from. But any department/clothing store has varieties of scarves in different colors this time of year.

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70s Meets '17 -

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