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Modest Activewear: Your New Favorite Gym Buddy Meet the mastermind behind Veil

Modest Activewear: Your New Favorite Gym Buddy -

Remember the super cool, technology-infused hijab that’s also waterproof? Well, the innovators at Veil are back – and this time, with modest, high-quality, (but most importantly… functional) sportswear!

The brand recently launched the line with two designs: Spark and Halo. The former, a half-zip sweater, and the latter, a running hoodie with a built in scuba hood. Code for built in hijab. I mean unless you scuba while you run. Then scuba on my friends. The line is making gym workouts that much easier — because let’s face it, dressing for the gym as a hijabi is a struggle. I find it extremely difficult to feel both comfortable and modest in my workout clothes without layering, looking homeless or compromising components like functionality.

Veil changes that. Moreover, Veil is getting rid of your excuses about not going to the gym.  Check out their kick-starter campaign, pledge to make sure the designs come to life, and back them up by pre-ordering at the early bird price!

I also got to chat with founder of Veil, Ahmad Ghanem, and here’s what he had to say:

MM: Can you tell me what sparked the vision behind this project? 

AG: Well we’ve already covered the Cool Dry launch – but not too long after that we actually sent out a survey asking our customers what types of difficulties they had shopping for activewear. At that time, we had a fairly small consumer base as a fresh startup, but we were extremely surprised at how many survey submissions were coming in. We were reading things like “I have to shop in the men’s section” and “I have to wear a baggy men’s shirt or go 3 sizes up for a modest look, but this leaves me extremely sweaty” etc. and we realized that there was such a large gap that needed to be filled.

What’s the story behind the names Halo and Spark?

The Veil brand really wants to bring an energetic vibe to the world of modest-wear and that starts with energetic products. The Spark design brings a bright and vibrant feel – and features the printed motivational quote underneath the hem to Spark your mood. Halo was a little trickier when it came to naming, but we figured Halo was extremely relevant because of the hood feature. I love both names so I think we nailed it.

Modest Activewear: Your New Favorite Gym Buddy -

If a consumer could only purchase one, which would you recommend? Do you have a favorite?

You stumped me with this one. It’s tough to pick one because both are great in their own right. It definitely seems like Halo is a hijabi-favorite because of its convenience, but then again there may be times where they’d be in the mood to throw a regular hijab with the Spark top just because it really gives you the energetic feel with more vibrant colors to choose from.

This is Veil’s second project, so what types of challenges have you all faced as a start-up company?

For the most part everything has gone smoothly and we’re just taking everything one step at a time. Remaining true to our value right now by just giving our customers a great experience and growing with them – but we know there will be a point in the near future where we’ll have to take the next step and scale quickly, especially with our product selection.

Modest Activewear: Your New Favorite Gym Buddy -

Any tips for young innovate Muslims who are also in the business/design/start-up world?

Just do it. There’s never a way around the obstacles or feeling like no one believes in your vision. All of that heavy baggage comes with the process and you need to stay true to yourself and your capabilities. Never give up and never give in — the world needs more of you.

What types of reactions has the company received in regards to the modest sportswear?

It has been amazing. Our customers are extremely excited. We can’t wait for them to get their hands on their own.

Modest Activewear: Your New Favorite Gym Buddy -

Do you think the fashion industry will ever expand to fit all women? Will modesty ever become the new modern?

You’ll notice a lot of fashion companies jumping into the realm of modesty in recent years – but athletic wear is a completely different story. I don’t think it’ll be long until we start seeing more and more companies jump into the opportunity, though.

When can backers expect their shipments?

Hopefully by late August or early September!

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Modest Activewear: Your New Favorite Gym Buddy -

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