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3 Must Have Skin Care Products

3 Must Have Skin Care Products -

Hey, beauties! I generally do not have the healthiest dietary habits, and they seem to worsen during the winter months. Who can resist freshly baked cookies served with ice cream and Netflix? #NotMe.

Unhealthy eating habits and the weather can also have a negative effect on your skin. So naturally, I discovered 3 new skincare products that helped revive my skin even when I’m going through a stage of bad eating. I have been using these products consistently for the past few weeks and cannot brag about them enough!

First thing’s first: Medicated Pumice Wash, $13.00. My esthetician recommended I try this face wash when my skin was fighting me during my sister’s wedding. It truly helped clear out my acne and has continued to keep my skin clear and smooth. I have dry skin and because the cleanser has a high amount of benzyl peroxide that tends to dry out skin, I usually don’t use this more than 2-3 times a week. During the winter when my skin is more prone to drying out, I only use it up to two times a week. The tiny beads are refreshing, and also help exfoliate and remove dead skin. The end result leaves my skin feeling very clean and smooth. The company has a number of other products that I am now curious to try! Shop the item – here.

3 Must Have Skin Care Products -Dr. Brandt, Magnetic Age-Defier, $75. I didn’t even know this product existed until my sister brought home this magic in a jar. She applied the mask on her face for at least 20 minutes. She proceeded to grab a napkin and the enclosed magnetic triangle, wrapped the triangle in the napkin and used it to remove the mask. No residue, no mess, and most important – no dryness. Her skin was glowing from how hydrating the mask is. After using the product every night for a week, her skin continuously improved. Because my skin was acting up, I decided to give it a try and oh my god, WHY DID I NOT STEAL THIS FROM HER BEFORE?!

I love trying different types of masks and skincare products in general, but this specific one leaves your skin feeling so amazing, smooth and hydrated. And it makes total sense – unlike normal masks, where you apply them, wait for it to dry and then rinse – the magnetic mask allows you to keep the embedded minerals in the mask on your skin. The magnet lifts the impurities and allows the minerals to absorb into your skin. My sister and I both agreed that using it overnight gave us the best results because your skin (and your body) recharges while you sleep. The mask can be used multiple days in a row. The dryer your skin is, especially during the winter time, the more you can use the product and the results would only continuously improve our skin. In the summer time when the heat and humidity is at an all time high, I think using the mask at least twice a week will still help provide that glow and hydration for your skin.

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the $75 splurge! Shop the item – here.

3 Must Have Skin Care Products -Future Response Age Defense Dual Eye Cream – AmorePacific, $150. It is never too early to start using anti-aging creams for your skin, pores and most importantly for your under eyes. I am personally new to using anti-aging products. I’ve tried the Olay Regenerist line because my mother uses their products and she looks flawless (mA). AmorePacific has both a day under eye cream that includes SPF as well as a night under eye cream. I have dry eyes and usually never get enough hours of sleep. This cream has been really helping ya girl out with the puffiness as well as the minor wrinkles that are starting to form. Shop the item – here.

3 Must Have Skin Care Products -What skincare products have you tried lately? Tell me what products you’ve used that work and which ones that didn’t live up to the hype! I’d love to give them a try!

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3 Must Have Skin Care Products -

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