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Your New Favorite Makeup Routine for That Natural Glow And it only takes 15 minutes (really).

Your New Favorite Makeup Routine for That Natural Glow -

Many of us ladies would love to be dolled up with full course makeup daily, but our life routine may not permit the time, nor do we always like wearing our faces “heavy”. Being a mom of three, my day-to-day schedule is very fast paced and can be more than a handful. Whether you are a working or a stay-at-home mom, life can get very hectic, but putting on makeup definitely shouldn’t be an added stressor! It’s great to be able to look our best with a natural glowing face whether we are out somewhere special or running quick errands. I am happy to share with you my own personal go-to makeup items for a look that is as easy to follow as any other daily routine.

My staple routine takes anywhere from 15-20 minutes and then I am out the door. I call it the TRIPLE TRIPLE THREAT (yes, there are two “triples” in there)! 


First on my list is a facial SPF Moisturizer. I cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right moisturizer that best suits your skin type and it must have protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays at least for daytime application. This will aid in preventing your skin from gaining sun spots and wrinkles along the years. A good facial moisturizer is the best way to hydrate and prep the skin prior to applying any makeup – even if you do not wear foundation daily. I have tried various kinds of moisturizers ranging from drugstore brands to high-end retail brands. I always end up going with a drugstore brand! The one I am currently using is Olay Total Effects 7 in One. Olay carries a wide variety of options to choose from depending on your skin’s needs. Two other drugstore brands that carry various options to choose from are Aveeno and Neutrogena. Ultimately, it’s all a trial and error process until you find the product that works best for you.

Second, I apply a facial primer. I personally love the Smashbox Photo Finish face primer. It goes on feeling velvety smooth onto the skin without leaving the face feeling oily. Although I don’t wear foundation, a face primer is a must for me. It is popularly known for minimizing pores as it fills them in and evens out the skin surface. It also prolongs the foundation in place for most of the day keeping your makeup looking fresh and well put together. It also works for me when I’m just wearing blush and/or bronzer, it helps my makeup stay put throughout my busy day without the need to reapply.

…It’s all a trial and error process until you find the product that works best for you.

Next, I conceal! My concealer and I have a great relationship! It does exactly what’s expected of it, and it’s always a winning situation. I am not one to wear foundation unless I have an evening affair. Therefore, I rely on my concealer to cover my blemishes along with any darkness under my eyes. I love trying new products. Choosing the right concealer is very important and it needs to be the one! As much as I try to stay away (for my wallet’s sake) I always go back to using the MAC PRO LONGWEAR line after testing many other products. It conceals exactly everything I need it to without leaving me with dried up under eye wrinkles or skin. I also find their color shade variety comes as close as possible to our natural skin tones. MAC prices can potentially break the bank, and if you need to stay on a budget, there are other good brands at a lower price point that do the job. I recommend trying out my second favorite concealer by L.A. GIRL PRO CONCEAL. It’s a fraction of the price of MAC, and it provides great coverage. Regardless of what you choose, it is very important to match your concealer as close as possible to your natural skin tone. This allows you to apply without having to worry about different tones reflecting on your face and will keep your final look as natural as possible.

Your New Favorite Makeup Routine for That Natural Glow -


To those of you ladies who suffer from extra blemishes and/or breakouts, this is where you can use your daily foundation cover up and/or powder. Once your skin is covered according to your preference, you can go ahead and use your preferred bronzer. I highly recommend Benefit Hoola Bronzer. It is not an overwhelmingly dark bronzer and it suits most skin tones! You can use it as an all over face bronzer or for more definition it works amazing for contouring!

The next step is choosing a blush. This is a personal choice. Some ladies don’t prefer it, but I love to blush those cheeks! It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming amount, but enough to bring somYour New Favorite Makeup Routine for That Natural Glow -e life to your cheeks. When applying blush, an angled brush is recommended. Work your way from the apple of your cheek all the way back to the end of your cheekbone. Blending both the bronzer and blush lines together to avoid any harsh lines standing out. I have to say, I am crazy for those NARS blushes! They are absolutely amazing! Two shades that I use from their blush line are NARS Orgasm and Torrid. Although they are on the pricey side, they do last a very long time before you need to buy a new one, so it’s not a bad idea to invest in their blushes. If you are on a budget, give NYX blushes a try. They are very nicely pigmented, they stay on all day, and they carry a beautiful range of colors to chose from.

Next step is highlight!!! This is my favorite part of the makeup routine! Regardless of whether it’s daytime or evening, highlighters are a great way to finishing off your look. That shimmer and shine in a highlighter makes your face glow with an amazing healthy look. Highlighter application is simple. You can use your finger or any small to medium size makeup brush for an even and flawless finish. I apply the highlighter at the top part of my cheeks right below my under eyes, on my forehead right above my brows, on my chin, and a very thin line going straight down my nose. My absolute favorite products are Bobbi Brown’s Bronze Glow, Becca Champagne Pop and Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. But there are countless brands that are wonderful and provide the similar end result on a cheaper price scale. As you can tell by now, I do my best to find the next best product at a lower cost. I mean, why not? Everyone can look their best while keeping their wallets happy! So, that flawless glow can be found at lower cost by many drugstore brands who carry a beautiful range of bronzers and highlighters. One particular brand is PHYSICIANS FORMULA. Their products, especially the highlighters are incredible quality and high pigmentation leaving you with the perfect end results.


Finalizing your look is important by defining and framing your eyes and face with mascara, liner and brow fillersPut that mascara on! Mascara exposes and widens the eyes. A personal all time favorite brand for beautiful, sexy lashes has always been Lancome for me, specifically the Hypnose Drama mascara. It has been my number one for almost 20 years! I highly recommend exploring the entire Lancome mascara line to find the proper mascara that best suits your lashes. There are certain products I find myself unable to compromise with. Mascara is it. I am so attached to LANCOME mascara and haven’t been able to switch to another brand regardless of price point.

Your New Favorite Makeup Routine for That Natural Glow -Eyeliner, although optional, is a simple step to enhancing the eyes. It compliments all eye shapes. Whether it’s a stroke of a thin line with a slight wing or a sharp dramatic look, liner for the eyes is timeless adding a sexy finishing touch to complete your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with liners and try new and different techniques. Liners are sold as pencils, in jars in a cream form to use with an applicator brush, and in liquid pen form, too. LOREAL and MAYBELLINE carry a variety of eyeliners that really last all day long and are fairly easy to apply. They are a great place to start exploring with liners on a budget before you upgrade to other brands. Once you are comfortable and know what works best for you, I do recommend trying out MAC eyeliner products as well as LANCOME’s ARTLINER.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with liners and try new and different techniques.

Brows are equally just as significant when it comes to definition of the face and the final finished look. In my humble opinion: if your brows aren’t on fleek, your makeup isn’t complete! Filling in eyebrows helps frame your face and defines the overall shape of your brows. It can be done tastefully without the need to make them look overly penciled in. There are many amazing products out there made to meet your brow needs. I recommend trying the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products for definition. The brand specializes in this area with an entire selection of brow products to chose from.

Your New Favorite Makeup Routine for That Natural Glow -

And finally, don’t forget to finish your look with your favorite lipstick color or gloss and you are good to go!

As always, remember this: Do what makes YOU feel comfortable in your own skin. Makeup is a way to express ourselves and to feel beautiful on the outside. But that should not replace our natural, individual beauty that God has blessed us with. We should embrace our differences and love ourselves for what Allah has created us to be. True beauty outshines everything else when it comes through in our kind words and good deeds to one another.

If your brows aren’t on fleek, your makeup isn’t complete! 💋

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Your New Favorite Makeup Routine for That Natural Glow -

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