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Miss Muslim -

Looking for Someone Who “Doesn’t Have Baggage”

“She’s over 25? No, I’m not interested. She’s going to have too much baggage.” “He’s divorced? No way! I don’t need ex wife/Baby Mama drama.” “Her parents got divorced when she was a teenager? No, thanks. She probably has daddy issues.” “He’s over 35? If he hasn’t been able to lock down a woman for […]

Miss Muslim -

Muslim Fuck Boys Part II: The Pious Porn-Addicts

WARNING: Explicit language and sexual content. If you’re uncomfortable with any of the aforementioned – we highly suggest you read something else. Written by Anonymous I have in my previous piece proclaimed that my track record of fuckery is extensive. Therefore, I am now obliged to divulge some of this in order to substantiate my […]