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Muslim Fuck Boys: Piety Turned to Douchery

Written by Anonymous Fuck Boy: [adj.] a man(boy) who doesn’t respect women yet relies on them heavily, particularly for sexual and ego boasting gratification. He’s a man(boy) who doesn’t care about a woman’s time or emotions and won’t commit due to immaturity and the clouding of judgment from being too self-absorbed. The Muslim Fuck Boy, […]

Miss Muslim -

Men AND Women: Stop Calling Me a Slut

Slut. Hoe. Whore. Many of us women share this common reality in which we have been called these words, sometimes repeatedly. Whether it be for what we choose to wear, how we present ourselves, or our actual sexual experiences and adventures, these words have been surfacing around for much too long and do nothing but […]

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Redefining How Muslims Meet, Mingle, and Marry An interview with Shahzad Younas, founder of MuzMatch

As a self-branded “Social and Cultural Blogger” for MissMuslim, I’ve effectively made myself an unrelenting social commentator. Of the contemporary and historical social quandaries of the modern Muslim, marriage is one that never goes away. The gravity of marriage as a life choice is immense for Muslims. To put it into perspective, we believe marriage equates to […]

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From Plaid to Prada: Herbalist Hassan

I gained 7 pounds during my 7-week adventure in Italy. I ate my way through the beautiful rustic country as clearly defined on my scale and through my pant buckle. As I arrived in my new city, San Francisco, I was rejuvenated and ready to approach the job hunt. You may not remember, since my […]