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Tis’ The Season…to Workout with a Pumpkin! Burn the fall candy calories with this fun pumpkin toning workout

Did you eat too much of that sugary goodness throughout the month of October and feel the need for an extra push to burn off those Halloween candy calories? Maybe there were one too many PSL’s in your morning routine? Try this total body toning workout right from your home using your fall decoration…a PUMPKIN!

Whether you don’t have enough time, energy, or simply just hate exercising – this quick, effective & fun workout should get your blood pump-(k)-in and muscles toning. Let’s end this month with zero excuses &…just do it! 

?Around the world: x5 Big circles going clockwise & then x5 counter-clockwise. This will activate your core muscles. Stand in an athletic stance & engage your core throughout the rotation.

?Pumpkin toe taps: x30 seconds to 1 minute. This will be your cardio to get your heart pumping.

?Single leg (shoulder) pumpkin press: x8. This will test your balance while you pump up those shoulders.

?Wide sumo squat: x10 – Stand in a wide stance, toes at a slight 45 degree angle, and upper body straight. Engage your glutes throughout the movement. Squeeze your butt as you come back up from the squat and always push from your heels.

?Alternating front lunges: x10 each side. Lunges are seriously an excellent multi-joint exercise for daily activities & sports!

?Overhead front lunges: x5 each side. As you work the entire body with this lunge variation, you are strengthening your core, quads, and glutes. Focus during this movement as it requires a lot of stability. Control your motion & stay on your heels.

?Wide squat & lateral press: x8 each side. This multi-planer move will target your butt, hips, and shoulders. Be sure to have a good grip on your pumpkin here and make sure to drive through your hips as you rotate to press up from the wide squat position.

?Lunge & twist: x10 each side. Target your abs, butt & legs all in one move.

?‘Dead’ rows: x10 – Keep your back straight, chest up, and knees slightly bent. Try to really squeeze your shoulder blades together in the back.

?Single-arm pumpkin push-ups: x5 each side. One hand on the pumpkin & one hand on the ground. Push-ups are my favorite, but these were probably the most difficult for me to do. Remember, if we don’t challenge our bodies, we won’t build strength or grow.

?Pumpkin close-hand push-up: x Until Failure.  Hold your torso up at arms length. Use your triceps and pectoral (chest) muscles to press your upper body back up to the starting position & squeeze your chest.

?Bosu ball Russian twists w/ pumpkin (No bosu ball? Do it on the ground): x30 seconds to 1 minute. One of my favorite core and oblique exercises. The bosu ball adds a stability challenge.

Repeat entire circuit x3. Have a #PUMP(k)in workout??.

*All movements are done holding a medium to large sized pumpkin or using the pumpkin as your base. Please use a size and weight at YOUR comfort zone, take full responsibility for your safety & know your limits. You can also do all of these movements using dumbbells or medicine ball  as well. 

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